What people are saying:

Neil Jeckering

Bryan, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you for your part in making my dream home purchase a reality.  Within minutes of contacting you, you had already sent me an email with a personalized online portal so I didn’t have to waste a minute in my search for a new home. 
Promptly after I chose my favorites, Bryan was pulling comps and setting up appointments to view properties.  I was fortunate and quickly found a home that had everything I was looking for.  Soon after, thanks to Bryan’s advice and negotiation skills, I made an offer that was accepted by the seller. 
It was essential for me to have a Realtor that I could communicate with via email and text as I have limited access to call-time while at work.  Bryan was available from start-to-finish, including being there for the inspection, which proved instrumental in getting vital fixes completed before I signed on the dotted line.  Bryan is a terrific realtor to work with and I’d highly recommend him.
- Neil

Chrisal Smith

We've moved quite a few times in the past few years & Bryan has always been a great agent for us. It's tough to find great quality places to rent in the central/downtown Phoenix area, so we have needed all the help we can get! He is always very patient, helpful and cares about our needs. He has helped us research and find lovely homes that both meet those needs while still fitting within our budget. He's not only our Realtor but a great advocate for our family. I always recommend him to any friends or family in need of realty services! Thanks for all you do Bryan!

Jason Graham

My girlfriend and I recently moved in together with all of our children.  I have one daughter, she has two children.  We needed to rent a house that fit both families with enough bedrooms fit everyone.  At the time, there were very few 4 bedroom houses in the area we wanted, and what was available was getting taken quickly.  Bryan did a fantastic job of keeping our "available" list up to date, and was very professional in dealing with the other rental agents.  As a result, we ended up in a perfect house for our needs.  I would highly recommend Bryan for both rentals and home purchases.

Jason G.

April Devine

My husband Peter and I purchased our first home with Bryan's help.  As first time home buyers, we truly appreciated Bryan's expertise, patience, and integrity.

Our home buying experience took place over a span of about six months.  We started our search at a time when the market started to increase, boosted by low interest rates and government incentives.  We were conventional buyers on a budget and we found ourselves competing with cash and fha buyers. 

In a seller's market it is easy to let emotions cloud your judgement.  My husband and I both work in the real estate industry as appraisers.  Our offers were thoroughly researched and calculated.  Bryan was very understanding of our "appraisal principles", which were difficult to adhere to in this market.  But we did, and although we were disappointed once or twice when our offers were not considered, Bryan would not let us be discouraged. 

After looking at several homes and a few denied offers, we found the right house at the right price.  It was an investor flip and the appraised value came in under our accepted offer.  The seller then tried to persuade us to use their lending team along with their "in-house appraisers".  We knew this was unethical, as did Bryan.  We were afraid that this was yet another fallen offer, but with Bryan's help the seller accepted our counter offer at the appraised value. 

Bryan assisted us at every step of the purchase.  We utilized his experienced team of professionals for the home inspection and loan processing.  The process went smoothly and he made it compeletely stress free for us. 

We are very thankful for Bryan's professionalism and patience.  Without him we would not have found our lovely first home that we are so proud to own. 

April Devine